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Pisarro Nights – The Definitive Dress Guide

If you have gone to many weddings, you have no doubt seen a woman in a sophisticated and glamorous Pisarro Nights dress. These beaded, embelished  vintage -inspired dresses are made to flatter all types of bodies while at the same time remain comfortable to wear. A favorite by mothers of the bride and grooms because it is a dress that will get you noticed as a special guest.


 Why so Popular?

You can wear to multiple occasions

The grand majority of women bought the dress for their son’s or daughter’s wedding. In addition to being worn by the mother of the bride or mother of the groom for a wedding,  the dresses are very appropriate on an afternoon wedding, a black-tie affair, or during formal nights on cruises.

They flatter all shapes and Sizes

Pisarro Nights dresses are known to flatter very different shapes, since they come in sizes from petite to 24W plus size. They are versatile because they do offer different sleeve lengths and necklines, from a V Neck Sleeveless to a 3/4 length sleeve and covered jewel neck.  Talk about versatile, the dresses can be worn by the grandmother of the groom or even as bridesmaid dresses.

Vintage Glitz and Glam

The Metallic beading and embroidery on most of the dresses end up being more glamorous and sophisticated than what you can see in the photos online. They are exquisite, and a woman commented in the reviews that she “Felt like royalty when I had it on.”

Comfortable and Fit & Beading

Because of the attention to detail, these dresses are flattering,slimming, and very comfortable, and flow beautifully over your body.  Note that some  of glimmering beads tends to start to come off the dress, so be gentle with it.

Most popular styles

Most Pisarro Nights dresses are recognizable because they all have the vintage twist, however there is quite a range of styles.  Here are the most popular styles of gowns that Pisarro Nights offers.

Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh Gown

These are very similar in that they are mesh gowns with sequins and sparkle with a vintage twist.  Sleeve and necklines differ.

Pisarro Nights Beaded Mermaid Dress

These mermaid dresses are close to the body until below the hip, where they flare slightly forming a mermaid shape.

Pisarro Nights Beaded Illusion Gown & Dresses

Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh Cocktail Dress

Recommendations for Fit and Size Guide:

  • If you are between  5’4″ – 5’5, women report that although it looks shorter on the online models, you will not need alterations or to get it hemmed.
  • Some women did notice that they do run a little larger, so order a size down.


Dresses by Size

Pisarro Nights Plus Size Dresses

More Pisarro Nights Plus ❯

Pisarro Nights Petite Dresses

More Pisarro Nights Petite ❯

Pisarro NightsRegular Size Dresses

More Pisarro Nights ❯

Where to Find

Where can you find these dresses if you don’t want to buy online?

Pisarro Nights dresses are sold at Nordsdrom, Macy’s and Dillards as well as Amazon.

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The Best Mother of the Bride Dress for your Body Guide

Plus Size Women's Adrianna Papell Beaded Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress, Size 14W - Beige

For mothers of the bride searching for a dress that complements and accentuates the body’s best features, it is definitely an issue that comes up at most weddings. From petite to plus size, short to tall, and every size and shape in between, you will probably find yourself in more than one category, which makes finding the perfect dress for the wedding day even that more daunting.

Fret not, for there are dresses that will allow you to look and feel your absolute best on the wedding. But first, in order to find the best dress possible for your size, there are some guidelines to keep in mind that will ultimately help you look great for the grand event.

Top Heavy

If you have a large bust, it is important to invest in a garment that works like a great bra to lift your foundation while simultaneously not come off as too revealing. Minimize your curves by wearing a full skirt on the bottom. These v-neck lace gowns are sophisticated, ultra-feminine dresses that celebrate all of your curves in grand style.

Broad Build

If you are a woman with broad shoulders, a halter neckline dress is one of the best ways to them, especially when paired with a bodice that creates the desired hourglass shape effect.

If you have great shoulders, there is no reason to conceal them. A great option to consider is a chiffon dress featuring a shirred bodice and skirt to accentuate your natural silhouette.

Pear Shaped

If you are pear-shaped, with a small chest and larger bottom, there are a few options to accentuate your body type. A beaded dress, or dresses with details on the neck or back to draw attention to your upper area and de-emphasize your bottom half is a great choice to consider. Flared Dresses or those with an A Line cut will skim through your thighs and not draw attention to them.


If you are full-figured from head to toe, invest in a dress that plays up your shape. The best options include an embroidered woven gown, which complements curves while creating the illusion of an hour-glass shape.  See below for our most popular plus sized dresses


If you are a certain size and stature (over 5’9” approximately), then you have the advantage of looking great in just about anything, so the sky is truly the limit for selecting the perfect dress for a mother of the bride. A great option is a sheath dress, which hugs the body and accentuates long lines. You are also one of the few that can get away with wearing with tea-length dresses.

There is absolutely no reason not to look and feel as great on that special day. With the right approach, every mother of the bride can find the perfect dress to achieve the ultimate look in style and grace.

Shop All Plus Size Dresses

Or, shop all mother of bride dresses ❯

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52 of the Prettiest Lace Plus Size Dresses for the Wedding

Blue Short Dresses for Mother of the Bride

Do you think Plus Size dresses are hard to find? Hey- we’ve got you covered. No Matter what the shade, nothing screams romance and class more than effortless lace.

We’ve rounded up the prettiest plus size mother of the bride dresses you can buy online.

Knee Length Black Dresses

Classy and Refined. Perfect. Adrianna Papell excels with lace making dresses the modern woman. Perfect for the Mother of the Bride or Groom. Here’s a few of our favorite black cocktail dresses.

Shodrt Dresses she'll love

Ruby and Plum Tones Knee Length Dresses

Effortless elegance in royal colors like purple and ruby reds. If you like lace, you will love Tadashi Shoji .


Short Ruby and Plum Dresses for Mom

Short Knee Length Lace Plus Size Dresses

Blue Sea Tones

Outdoor weddings ( especially beach weddings) offer gorgeous views -but how do you stay stylish while remaining casual? These dresses in our Blue sea tones. Check out Eliza J who is known for her casual Lace Dresses. Or – see more knee length dresses here.

Blue Short Dresses for Mother of the Bride

Green and Blue Dresses Knee Length


Short Knee Length Dresses in Black  Lace

From sleveless to to long sleeve, if you’re the mother of the bride, you cannot go wrong in stunning black. An added upside is that you can wear it again!


Black Lace Plus Size Knee Length Dresses

Elegant Black Lace Dresses for the Wedding

You can’t go wrong with black.

Dark Elegant Lace Plus Size Dresses

Lace Elegant Dresses for Mom


Mixed Lace

So the last thing you want to worry about is not being elegant enough. These mixed lace knee length cocktail dresses are perfect for a day to evening wedding.

Sets and Gray LAce Dresses


Navy Blue Lace Dresses in Plus Sizes

When it comes to your daughter or daughter in law’s wedding you cannot go wrong with navy blue and lovely lace. Refined and Stunning.

Lace Plus Size Dresses in Navy Blue

Cream plus size mother of the bride dresses

You’ve decided on a color,  but how do you choose a style that will look perfect on you?  The range of  designs for plus sizes are sure to give you an eye catching ensemble

Lace Pus Size Mother Bride Dresses in Netural Colors

Lace Plus Size Dresses in Champagne


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Roundup of over 50 Plus Size Dresses with Jackets for the Wedding

Vintage Mother Bride Dresses

Congrats, your son or daughter are getting married. Now Reality hits. If you are the mother of the bride, you will be the second most watched woman in the wedding.

Here’s a roundup of over 50 plus size mother of the bride dresses with Jackets, we’ve categorized them into different styles.


Vintage Style Dresses with Jackets

Vintage Mother Bride Dresses

Pleated Dresses

From Adrianna Papell and S.L Fashions

Mother Bride Dresses With Jackets

Plum Knee Length Dresses

Tea Length Plum Dresses with Jackets / Sleeves

Shimmery Flowy Dresses

Plus Size Dresses with Jackets Te Length

Soulmates Crochet

Soulmates other Bride Dresses with Jackets

Crochet Dresses with Jackets

Comfortable Dresses in Light Seafoam

Alex Evenings

Plus Size Dresses with Sleeves in Seafoam


Pink Pus Size  Knee Length Dresses

Pink Knee Length Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses


Burgundy Dresses with Jackets

Plus Size Dresses with Jackets in Plum

Navy Blue Long Dresses with Jackets

Navy Blue Plus Size

Komarov Tea Length Chiffon Dresses in Plus Sizes

Komarove Pleated Charmeuse with Jackets

Champagne Colored Dresses for Casual Weddings

Three from Jessica Howard

Plus Size Champagne Dresses with Jackets

Black Two or Three Piece Dresses with Jackets

Plus Size Dresses for the Wedding with jackets

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Plus Size Mother of the Bride Gowns – Modern vs Conservative

Modern Dresses

It’s totally normal to feel that all the dresses out there are either made for the prom or for an 80 year old. These modern picks will be perfect for you if you are a modern mamma!

Fitted Long

Here we have four elegant fitted styles in black that will make you shine and sparkle!

Plus Size Long Fitted Gowns for Mother of the Bride / Groom


Vintage Style

Is the wedding vintage inspired? If so , these long length dresses have a vintage feel due to the sequin work take a look at Pisarro Nights Collections for this style of dresses.

Vintage Mother Bride Dresses

Long Red

If you want to make a statement, then a Ruby jewel toned long gown is the way to go. Just make sure this is approved by the bride first!

Ruby Red Long Gowns for Mother of the Bride

Gowns with Details

A Few Elegant Gowns with Sequins, Glitter or lace. All Gorgeous in their own way, and ade to highlight the best parts of your body.

Plus Size Gowns for Mother of the Groom


For the Conservative Mother of the Bride

These dresses prove that you don’t need all the skin for an eye catching ensemble.  Find a Plus size mother of the bride dress here.

Dresses With Jackets

If this fit what you are looking for, you might want to try Alex Evenings or Jkara

Long Conservative Gowns

Navy Dresses with Sleeves

Long Navy BLue Gowns in Plus Sizes

Long 3/4 Sleeves in Navy

Navy Blue Plus Size

Mock Two Piece

Conservative Mother Bride Dresses Plus Size

With 3/4 Length Jackets

Long Plus Size Dresses with Jackets


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42 Adrianna Papell Dresses for the Wedding that Mom Won’t Hate

  • Hate Frumpy? Adrianna Papell is known for her sophisticated NOT matronly dresses.
  • Perfect for moms that don’t like the traditional “mother of the brides” dresses.
  • Want to use it again? Adrianna Papell Dresses are known for their versatility and re-usability.

Here’s a list of the top 41 Adrianna Papell Mother of the Bride Dresses we love.
See all of Adrianna Papell’s Mother of Bride Dresses here

Rose Gold and Champagne Neutrals

When it’s time to shine, but not overwhelm, gorgeous neutral champagne and rose gold shades work wonderfully. She has a few dresses that are exclusives for BHDLN . One is a a tea length dress with silvery rose print and side pockets. The other is the Audrey Dress Gown – an A Line Dress in a similar rose gold.

Adrianna Papell Designer Mother of the Bride Dresses

Vintage Style Beading

For more formal weddings, Adrianna Papell’s ultra classy gowns have certain distinctive features that will make you shine in at the evening reception.

  • Flowy figure flattering gowns with delicate or ornate embellishments.
  • Beadwork reminicent of 1920’s vintage dresses.
  • Shimmer and Shine in soft shades of gray, teal and Ombre fabrics


Adrianna Papell Mother of the Bride Dresses - Beaded Dresses

Elegant Gowns by Adrianna Papell

Make a statement as mother of the bride in a lustrous mesh gown with a beaded metallic sequins that will make you glimmer. A few variation of blue , navy and plum dresses available in short sleeve, scoop-back and sleeveless silhouettes. Recently , floral gowns are making an entrance as the trend goes toward modern yet romantic fabrics.


Adrianna Papell Elegant Mother of the Bride Dresses

Adrianna Papell is best known as a sophisticated choice for mothers of the bride, bridesmaid and wedding guest dresses. She knows what works on a woman’s body, and how to best accentuate her best assets for a look that is nothing short of gorgeous.

Which do you love? See all of Adrianna Papell’s Mother of Bride Dresses here

Shop Adrianna Papell Gowns ❯

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Shop Adrianna Papell Cocktail Dresses ❯

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48 Short Mother of the Bride Dresses with Jackets that you can wear to the wedding

Short dresses with jackets for the Mothe rof the bride

Short dresses with jackets for the Mother of the bride

In order of appearance above

Lasting Moments Peplum Jacket Dress from Dillards $368
Jessica Howard Cascade Ruffle Jacket Dress from Dillards $110
Jessica Howard Tiered Lace Bolero Jacket Dress from Dillards $140

Featured Outfits

We’ve gone through many stores to find to you Short Dresses with Jacket Sets

See All ❯